Autism and Asperger’s

Andrea has extensive training and experience in working with children, teenagers and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, including Asperger’s.

Resolving behaviour

If you are concerned about your child’s behaviour, emotions or self control; your child or teen is getting into trouble for his/her behaviour; if your child or teenager is stressed, irresponsible or not following instructions -talk to me about it.

Language and communication

If your child is having difficulty with communicating, being understood or language development; If your child is frustrated or disengaged in school or family life -talk to me about it.


Social and friendship

If your child or teen is having trouble making or keeping friends, is socially isolated or lonely; is he or she experiencing exclusion or bullying? if your child doesn’t know how to be a friend, respond to others needs or have empathy and interest in others perspective -talk to me, I’m here to help.


Learning and developmental

Is your toddler, child or teenager having difficulties with his/her learning, at school or with study skills? Is your toddler/child/teen developmentally delayed or having trouble reaching milestones? I will look at the causes impacting your child and create a tailored support programme to support him/her.

Parent-child bonding and interaction

Parenting is the most significant role to assist children to reach their potential. The parent-child relationship is the key for guiding children in their emotional security, learning about life and social interaction. If you would like help with guiding your child, connecting through play based interaction and supporting your child’s emotional and social development-talk to me, I’m here to help.


Home programmes

Is your child developmentally delayed? Not reaching milestones? Have sensory or social difficulties impacting his/her learning? Not yet school ready or finding school difficult? A home programme may be the solution you need -talk to me about fun, personalised, tailored in-home programmes.


Caregivers and Support staff training

Do you have difficulty finding the right support staff? Is training the support staff and caregivers taking your precious energy? I can help you find, train and motivate your support staff-talk to me, I’m here to help.

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