ASD, Autism and Aspergers

Children with ASD, Autism and Aspergers experience life through a unique and sensitive neurological system.

Life with ASD, Autism and Aspergers can present difficulties for child, parents and sometimes the whole family. Andrea has the experience and expertise to help you and your child with challenging behaviour or tantrums, learning or developmental delay, social or friendship difficulties, emotional and sensory challenges.


If you are seeking behaviour therapy that makes long-term changes, addresses the core developmental issues, and leads towards happiness in life-talk to Andrea. She will provide the help you need in your parenting, with the parent-child relationship as the foundation for healthy attachment and development, to optimise your child’s wellbeing, live happily and reach his/her potential.

Andrea can work directly with your child, coach parents, therapists/support workers, or develop a Home Programme for your child, from pre-school through to adolescence. A home programme needs to support the child’s development, be enjoyable for both child and parent/therapist and target the underlying issues or developmental needs to ensure it is meaningful and successful. A well designed, individualised home programme will build skills that lead to natural generalisation in life.


Andrea has the professional expertise, with a strong foundation 0f 30 years as a health and education professional, the personal experiences from her own parenting journey and training in a broad range of ASD specific interventions. She is available to support children, parents and professionals. See the Training tab for further details about professional development and further learning. Call or email to talk to Andrea for the help you need.

Autism and Aspergers

Does your child need help with…

  • Emotions
  • Behaviour
  • Social skills or friendships
  • Anxiety
  • Following instructions
  • Communication
  • Sensory sensitivities

  • Home programme or early intervention
  • Relationships and attachment
  • Learning or school issues
  • Bullying
  • Being organised
  • Life after school
  • Finding happiness

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