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Andrea Graham, Autism Specialist

Andrea Graham is a Registered Psychotherapist and Autism Specialist based in Northland and Auckland. She specialises in helping parents and children with their relationship, learning and development, family wellbeing, behavioural therapy and emotional needs.



Andrea has professional expertise and qualifications, with a strong foundation of 30 years as a therapist, health and education professional. Andrea has a broad range of experience beginning as a Registered Nurse, then Registered Midwife working in a range of hospital and community clinical settings. Andrea has completed a Post-graduate Diploma in Specialist Teaching (ASD) and has recently completed advanced study in psychotherapy. She is available to support people of all ages-adults, teens, children, parents and professionals.



ASD, Autism and Aspergers is now affecting 1 in 68 people internationally. Andrea has 20 years of training and experience working with people of all ages affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Her approach is supportive, evidence based and effective. Andrea will work with parents and children to find the approach that best fits with your needs, developmental stage and tailored to fit with family culture and parenting style. If you are seeking behaviour therapy that promotes self-esteem, child development and skills for a life of fulfilment. For an experienced and qualified Autism Specialist, talk to Andrea to find out how she can help you and your child.


Andrea is a natural with children of all ages, including teens. If you want help for your child or teen who has difficulties with emotions, anxiety, aggression or social issues-talk to Andrea for help. She can use a range of approaches such as supportive behaviour therapy, parent coaching, or play and art. Andrea is available to help when parents are separating or getting divorced, bullying or school issues, self-esteem or body issues, and emotional trauma.



Personal therapy is available for you. If you would like help with emotional wellbeing, stress, anxiety, your relationships, or childhood emotional trauma-contact Andrea for confidential, professional support. Andrea’s compassionate support and skills can be used for a range of issues including pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding; parenting and relationships



Andrea provides a range of training and professional development options to meet the needs of health, disability and education agencies, and for families with support workers using Individualised Funding. Talk to Andrea about staff training or a tailored plan to meet your specific requirements including ASD, Autism and Aspergers, disability and inclusion, learning, behaviour, attachment and emotional development.

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